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of Solutions for Oil Plants

Strategic partnerships that strengthen our operational

experience delivering solid results

Providing support from preliminary analysis to the

commissioning & optimization of the plant.

Design Services

At EPSOL Inc. we design functional, reliable and sustainable projects to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Engineering Services

EPSOL Inc. has a wide range of engineering solutions and strategies that help us achieve outstanding projects that adhere to state and environmental regulations.

Our Capabilities

We produce, supply and lease equipment for steam generation, oil collection and pumping, gas treatment, liquid recovery, and gas and oil exploitation.

Our Difference

Our Guarantee: the strength of experience

With over 45 years in the oil industry and strategic partnerships that strengthen our operational experience, we always deliver solid results.

Our team dynamic and close relationship with the client allow us a detailed view of the specific challenges on each project allowing us the delivery of a wide array of options that conform to the dynamic conditions in which businesses operate today.

Our Scope: International

With our main office located in Houston, Texas our warehouses, fabrication plants and offices are located in quintessential oil zones.

Lease + Sale

We offer a wide array of plant sizes,both for lease and engineered on demand.

Engineering Solutions

At EPSOL, we provide our clients with support since the preliminary analysis of the project, to the commissioning and optimization of the plant.

Our engineering team is highly qualified and have a vast experience in providing services and solutions for the processing and treatment of natural gas, while always maintaining a commitment to quality and covering the basic needs of our clients.

With services that offer trustworthy solutions, we are dedicated to innovation, efficiency and delivery of products that guarantee high quality results.


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