Industrial Systems

Sistemas Industriales

Conditioning and Optimization of Industrial Systems.
Vapor Distribution Systems.
Condensate Drainage Systems.
Condensate Recovery Systems.
On-Site Energy Audits.
Vapor Quality Measuring.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance

Ingeniería, ProcuraBuild Operate Maintenance Transfer.
Supply and/or lease of equipment for vapor generation, oil collection and pumping, gas treatment, liquid recovery, fractional distillation, gas and air compression, and electric generation.

Gas and Oil Exploitation

Explotación de Crudo y GasVisualization, Conceptualization and Project Definition for oil and gas exploitation.

Model and Simulation studies for surface and subsurface, mechanical integrity (corrosion, erosion), data verification and optimization of operations for production, evaluation and risk evaluation.

Modular Plants

Suministro de Plantas SatéliteSupply of Vapor Injection Modular Plants.
Fabrication of portable boilers according to client's requirements.
Supply of Operational Personnel specialized in vapor injection for secondary crude recovery.
Maintenance, repairs and supply of spare parts that guarantee continuous operation during vapor injection.
Delivery of the modular plant to client in the determined timeframe.

Equipment Fabrication

Manufacturación de EquiposManufacturing of Heat Transfer Equipment.
Fixed or portable Vapor generators.
Water-treatment plants.
Heat treaters.

Vapor and Water Injection

Inyección de Vapor y AguaWater and Vapor injection.
Fixed and Portable generators.
Water conditioning.
Vapor measurement.


Electric Generation Plants

Electric Generation Plants.
Semi-portable plants.
Medium-scale plants.



Air and Water Compression

Compresión de Gas y AireNatural Gas and Air Compression Skids.
CNG filling stations.
Air Injection.



Fluid Treatment

Tratamiento de FluidosH2S/CO2 elimination.
Liquid extraction.
Topping unit.



Production Facilities

Production FacilitiesSeparators.
Separator Filters.
Water dehydration
Gas Gauges.
Oil pumping.
Crude treatment.



Gas Analyzers and Instrumentation

Production FacilitiesGauges.

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